The flight attendant warned why you should never put your belongings in the front seat pocket

Stewardess warned why you should never put your belongings in the front seat pocket

An alarming warning for tourists about the use of part of the seats in plane was released by an American Airlines flight attendant on the Reddit forum. In particular, she told why you should never put your things in the front seat pocket.

After passengers board the aircraft, they almost immediately unpack the essentials that will be needed during the journey. However, you should think twice about storing your phone, books, or food in the front seat pocket, according to an aviation expert.

According to the flight attendant, who has more than six years of experience, passengers “should never use or put anything in a seat pocket.” The reason is purely hygiene. “I always recommend never, never, never, never use or put anything in your seat pocket. They are cleared of debris, but never cleaned. Dirty wipes, medicine bags, panties, socks, chewing gum, half-eaten candy, apple cores, and then on the next flight you go and put your phone, laptop or iPad in there,” she said.

Statement flight attendants confirmed other anonymous crew members who shared stories of the most horrific things they also found in seat pockets. “One day I found vomit outside of a paper bag that spilled out through the seat pocket,” one of them wrote.

Although cleaning efforts have been stepped up since the coronavirus pandemic, just a few months before the outbreak, a study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) found that seat pockets were the second most contaminated by bacteria. The dirtiest were the headrests – where the researchers found the largest number of bacteria. The CBC report also claimed that there were traces of E. coli in and inside the pockets. Feces are likely the source of the contamination.

While most airlines have adopted stricter cleaning protocols since the pandemic, many carriers are even handing out free antibacterial wipes to passengers. However, passengers are also advised to carry their own hand sanitizer during the flight and not to put their belongings in the front seat pocket.

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