The Germans surprised travel agencies: now they are looking for a vacation destination in a new way

The Germans surprised the travel agencies: now they are looking for a new direction for recreation

The coronavirus pandemic and the current economic situation have brought about major changes in the mentality of German tourists. The place of “ordung” and early booking may soon be taken by spontaneous “last moment” travel. Last but not least, for reasons of economy. This is exactly the data that was shown by a survey conducted by Skyscanner and One Poll among a sample of 1,000 German tourists. The data turned out to be interesting.

Thus, 35% of respondents said that they do not immediately assume a specific destination when planning a trip. Another 42% stated that they are flexible in choosing the place and time of the trip. In general, most potential Skyscanner travelers in Germany searched by typing “alle orte” (“everywhere”) instead of searching for a specific destination.

The main point of the latter is that this way German tourists can see more affordable travel options. Namely, the price factor was named as decisive by 51% of respondents. Other “pandemic” trends are also important, primarily flexible cancellation conditions. However, the overwhelming majority are not ready to give up foreign holidays 88% intend to go on holiday abroad, and 61% said that this opportunity has become “more important than before” for them.

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