The greediest airlines revealed

The Greediest Airlines Revealed

The most greedy airlines, ready to rip off money from a tourist for anything – even for a natural desire to sit next to close relatives on an airplane – have been identified by British researchers. It is obvious that in the first place among the carriers, which are almost guaranteed not to allow you to sit together for free, were well-known low-cost airlines. More “pathos” companies willingly go towards tourists and without difficulty put them next to each other even “for free”, the researchers added. Although the study was conducted primarily for the British market, this trend is obvious throughout Europe, and in Russia it is gradually taking root.

The results of a study published in the British press, which were conducted by consumer protection experts Which, revealed the most greedy airlines not ready to put tourists together for free. The study was based on a survey of more than 8,000 tourists.

The result was somewhat predictable – low-cost airlines, or rather airlines, Wizz and Ryanair, turned out to be the most greedy. On the flights of the latter, only 66% sat together without paying extra for a seat, while the previous one had this result – 61%. While the British national carrier will put 94% of jointly registered passengers together, and easyJet – 93%.

Russian air carriers, by the way, are also trying to take this way to get a pretty penny from a tourist into service. Most have at least a voluntary-compulsory paid choice of place.

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