The hotel employee urged tourists not to be afraid to take food from the buffet in hotels

The hotel employee urged tourists not to be afraid to take food to go from the buffet in hotels

In most hotels, you can easily take food from the buffet to eat later, assured one of the former employees of the hotel and travel enthusiast. In an interview with The Sun, she shared her thoughts on the fact that guests can take their food to go without worrying.

“Actually, I’m surprised that more and more people just don’t admit to taking pastries or fruit with them. I’m sure we all do this,” the employee noted and added that most hotels have nothing against this practice, especially given the unacceptable behavior of some vacationers. “Eating a bun for brunch is hardly the same as trashing your room or jumping off your balcony into the pool.”

She also expressed bewilderment at the advice of hotel and etiquette experts, who suggest that if you take some food, then the staff will immediately call the police, because. takes it as a theft. “I'm pretty sure the police have better things to do than keep track of how many guests take food from breakfast,” said the expert.

In addition, the interlocutor emphasized that in most hotels, the staff tries to please the guests by delivering food and clearing tables. According to her, the staff does not want guests to ask unpleasant questions that can lead to problems with the hotel management: “I think this is one of those situations where it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.”

The employee went on to share her experience at a hotel and mentioned that often most of the cooked food ends up in the trash, and she always felt sorry to see this, so it’s better to take a small amount of food from breakfast that is guaranteed to be eaten than to put a lot of food on a plate and leave half uneaten.

“I have three boys, but sometimes it seems to me that I am raising hobbits, not children,” the specialist shared, meaning that on vacation they constantly ask for something to eat already half an hour after breakfast, so have a small Snacking is a must for a comfortable rest. However, she noted that in large chain hotels where there are many guests, it may be worth limiting the desire to take away additional products from the buffet: there are a lot of tourists there, but the situation is different in small family hotels – the staff is usually more tolerant and invites the policemen for lunch or dinner if there is a lot of food left untouched by the guests.

“Our favorite place to stay recently was the youth hotel in Berlin, where the buffet was open almost until lunchtime the morning we left. This meant that the boys could grab a bite to eat and come back for more while I packed in the room,” a hotel employee said.

She added that while some hotels can make sure guests don’t take too much a lot of food, as a rule, they will spoil the rest of their guests because of this. “Life is too short to worry about who sneaked a bun in a bag,” the interlocutor concluded.

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