The loss of Russian and Ukrainian tourists was compensated at the famous resort of Egypt

The loss of Russian and Ukrainian tourists was compensated at the famous Egyptian resort

Hotels in Egypt are gradually coping with the consequences of the “collapse” in the two main markets that have supplied them with the most tourists in recent years – Russian and Ukrainian. This was stated by Rami Fayez, a member of the Association of Tourism Investors in Marsa Alam. According to him, the replacements were primarily German tourists, who took the unconditional first place, as well as tourists from other European countries. However, the Russians are also gradually starting to return.

“Hotels in Marsa Alam have managed to overcome the negative impact of political events and sanctions. Let me remind you that the hotel occupancy rate in late February – early March fell to only 10%. At the same time, the tourist flow arriving from Russia and Ukraine to Marsa Alam is about 30% of the total traffic received by the resort annually,” the expert said. That is, the movement of other tourists also stopped.

But the European tourist flow to Marsa Alam has recovered quite quickly and has only been improving over the past two months, the expert added. “Many tourist markets send a large number of tourists, which has largely compensated for the absence of Russian and Ukrainian tourists. German, Polish, Czech, Dutch and Italian tourists make up the bulk of the tourist flow in recent months. Hotel occupancy in Marsa Alam is currently around 50%, which is a good percentage compared to the pace of previous months,” said Mr. Fayez.

He added that the number of flights that will be accepted by Marsa Alam Airport during the current week is about 86. The majority of tourists are Germans – Germany as a whole is leading among European countries in the number of tourists sent to Egyptian Red Sea resorts over the past few years. months. Poles, Dutch and Czechs will also arrive at the resort.

There is still hope for the return of the Russians, the expert added. He recalled that Russia is launching charter flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh – Russian charters should go to the country at the end of May for the first time since February. “One of the Russian companies, for the first time since the start of the special operation, will start operating 8 flights per month both to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, starting next Saturday – and these will be low-cost charter flights with two flights a week, one for Hurghada and rather for Sharm el-Sheikh,” said the Egyptian expert. He added that representatives of the Egyptian tourist market hope for a good load on these flights – as this will mean the resumption of programs from Russia to Egypt.

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