The main tricks of budget hotels in Turkey and Egypt are listed: unpleasant surprises await tourists there

The main tricks of budget hotels in Turkey and Egypt are listed: unpleasant surprises await tourists there

The most unpleasant surprises from hotels in Turkey and Egypt were presented experts of service for tourists. Among them are delays with the population, problems with cleaning, non-obvious paid additional services, extortions and other problems.

In general, experts spoke about the following unpleasant surprises:

  • Superficial cleaning in the room: both in Egypt and in Turkey in budget hotels, most often they just make the bed without changing the linen. As tourists complained, sometimes the same stains can be observed on neatly folded towels and sheets for a week or even more. It happens that the sand from the beach is also not removed.
  • Delays in check-in: usually the rules imply check-out at 12:00, check-in after 14:00 – 15:00. But it happens that the settlement is delayed for several hours without explanation. Guests are allowed to use all the facilities of the hotel, except for the room, so you can see people sitting after the pool in the lobby. Similarly, departing tourists have to wait for the bus for several hours in the lobby. Moreover, tourists seeking to save money are advised to pay special attention to this – the fact is that tours with inconvenient departure times are cheaper.
  • Low-quality alcohol: free drinks in a bar are not always to the taste of tourists: most often there are three to five cocktails, which are usually generously diluted with water. Beer in most hotels is draft, but only one kind. For variety, you have to go to the nearest supermarket. In most All inclusive, all alcohol is locally produced. Foreign varieties are offered by hotels with the Ultra All inclusive format.
  • Food and pool according to the schedule: all inclusive is a clear time for the provision of services, as a result, there is a risk of staying hungry after a late check-in or after an excursion. Exit – restaurant for a fee. There is also a schedule by the pool. The pools may be open during certain hours and closed in the evening for cleaning. During the day, guests may experience a shortage of sun loungers and a large number of people in the pool itself.
  • Stale food: often in budget hotels, both Turkish and Egyptian, staff simply shift food from breakfast to dinner trays. Including fruits and salads – which happens and is simply unsafe.
  • Inconvenient location of hotels: most often hotels are located not so close to the nearest city. Mostly in Turkey, experts say, finding a pharmacy or a supermarket outside the hotel is not such a problem. But before traveling to Egypt, you should find out in advance whether there is a taxi service at the hotel and how much it costs. A taxi in a hotel can cost almost 20 times more than a bus to the desired location. So, for example, from Turkish Kumkoy to Side, a bus costs $1, and a taxi costs $20-30. Resort hotels in Turkey often offer tourists a free shuttle service for shopping. It is worth checking with the guides how free it is. It happens that the trip is paid by the hotel only one way.
  • Paid water: we are talking about water from the minibar. Sometimes it turns out that in the room you can drink it only for money. And often at check-out.
  • Paid upgrade: the main unpleasant surprise of Turkish and Egyptian hotels. Tourists are settled in a small room, overlooking a wasteland or with a sewer smell – they are indignant, but at the reception they find out that they have purchased this category (economy). To upgrade to the standard, you need to pay extra. The amount usually does not exceed $20-25.

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