The military confiscates tourism: the era of new management begins

Military confiscates tourism: era of new governance begins

The military confiscates tourism in Mexico, the country's most important source of income, local media reported, using the word “confiscation”, albeit in an allegorical sense. The fact is that the Mexican army already created an airline last year to transport tourists, and now the National Tourism Development Fund (Fonatur) has also come under the control of the armed forces – thus the era of a new management of the tourism sector has begun.

The fund, in particular, manages tourism revenues, including 35 euros from each tourist entering Mexico by land, sea or air. Also, at the suggestion of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Senate, Maya Train and the military company Grupo Olmeca-Maya-Mexica, which built the international airport. Felipe Angeles, four civil airports and Maya Train will be operated for tourism purposes, which will be built within six years. The secretariat of national defense in Seden is responsible for the management of military tourism innovations.

We add that the army in Mexico also ensures the safety of tourists. Back in April, Mexico sent troops to resorts popular with Russians to protect vacationers in connection with the increasing number of murders in Cancun and Acapulco during the Easter week. More than 8,000 National Guard, Marines and Army soldiers began patrolling the beaches. 4,724 soldiers are deployed in Cancun, Acapulco, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and Veracruz, and another 3,800 troops guard the country's highways. Defense Minister Luis Cresensio Sandoval announced that six helicopters, 755 patrol cars, 377 pickup trucks, 10 boats and 45 SUVs are supporting the troops. The armed forces also provide security at 14 airports and 42 bus stations. Read more at this link.

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