The mirror is smeared with feces and the passenger is frying fish while sitting in the plane seat: the stewardess told the whole truth about her work

The mirror is smeared with feces and the passenger is frying fish while sitting in the aircraft seat: the stewardess reported all the truth about your work

“Being a flight attendant isn't nearly as cool as you think,” reality TV star Laura Anderson, who has worked as a flight attendant for over 10 years, told The Sun. “Are you ready, for example, to quickly clean the toilet, which is all smeared with feces – and the mirror, and all the walls?” she added.

According to her, it was one of the most terrible cases in her work. “It was almost at the very beginning of the ten-hour flight from Dubai. Excrement was smeared all over the toilet – on the wall, on the mirror … I almost had a hysterics from the thought that one of us would have to clean it up, ”the expert said.

According to her, another completely ruined flight that threw her into a panic was to Indonesia – where the passenger managed to carry a small kitchen stove with her in her hand luggage and began to cook fish on it, sitting right in her chair. “When I told her it was forbidden, the passenger simply asked me to cook this fish for her,” the flight attendant added.

Against this background, frisky members of the Mile High Club, that is, lovers of having sex on an airplane, are rather trifles for an experienced flight attendant. According to her, she worked as a flight attendant for 10 years, including airlines such as Qantas and Emirates. But she started at the age of 17 on flights to Ibiza.

“It was, so you understand, a real spectacle: people even openly had sex on the seats. Both first class and economy class are no worse than each other. Some did it right on the landing, barely covering themselves with a blanket, ”she says. Lovers of sex at the height met her later, and often pairs were made spontaneously. “I saw passengers who obviously didn’t know each other on boarding – but on the flight they retired and left together,” she says. Moreover, “all statuses are submissive to love” – the stewardess remembers more than one business class couple trying to “sneak off to take a shower together.”

“In fact, the staff is usually so busy that they are not up to your morality. If you do not disturb anyone on board and do not violate social norms – enjoy,” she added.

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