The most coveted country of Russian tourists refused to issue them visas

The most coveted country of Russian tourists refused to issue visas to them

Italy, which Russian tourists put in first place in their list of preferences for foreign tourism, in addition to the “sanctions” barrier, has put in front of our tourists another and visa. VMS, Italy's visa application center, has notified the temporary suspension of the acceptance of documents from tourists for visas. The reason is also indirectly sanctioned – it is officially called the inability to make payments for the payment of the consular fee.

“Due to the temporary inability of the Intesa Bank to accept and process payments for the payment of the consular fee, the Italian visa center cannot accept documents from persons who have not paid the consular fee,” the VMS visa center said in a statement. As a result, only tourists who have paid the visa fee in advance and have a printout confirming its payment will be able to apply for a visa. Or those who are exempt from paying the Consular fee.

Let us remind you that tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk receive visas to Italy through VMS. Another Italian visa center – AlmavivA, operating in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Samara, also did not please tourists – the center's website also posted a statement that applicants who have not yet paid the consular fee will not be able to while applying for a visa.

The main unpleasant news – especially for tourists without a visa, who expected to enter Italy “on the bed-bells” – is complete uncertainty. Visa Application Center experts are unable to answer the question of when it will be possible to reapply for a visa.

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