The most futuristic hotel in the world is preparing to open on the Red Sea

The most futuristic hotel in the world is about to open on the Red Sea

The first photos of the “most futuristic hotel in the world” – the Sheybarah Resort, which is part of the Red project Sea Global, were presented to tourists. The opening of the “space resort”, which has incorporated all high-tech and environmental trends, as well as “designed to change the image of Saudi Arabia” for tourists, can be expected as early as next year, 2024.

According to the Saudi press, the resort will be located on the uninhabited island of Shaibara in the Red Sea, a 45-minute boat ride from the mainland – the Arabian Peninsula. According to the developers, there is a very diverse environment here with dense mangroves, desert flora, beaches with white sand dunes, coral shallows and sea grass. It also hosts some of the most beautiful and pristine coral reefs in the world, home to many species of birds, fish and other marine life. At the same time, the main goal of the project is “how best to preserve and improve the biodiversity in the surrounding habitat, while offering a luxurious experience that will attract visitors from all over the world.” Also, part of the goal is to “rebrand Saudi Arabia as a first-class marine ecotourism destination.”

As for the construction process itself, the first of the hotel's overwater villas arrived at the Red Sea tourist hub this month, and 73 of them are due to be installed before opening day. According to Red Sea Global CEO John Pagano, the hotel should become a leader in environmentally friendly technologies, such as self-contained development with zero energy and water consumption. It will be powered entirely by an on-site solar farm and fresh water will be supplied from the resort's own desalination plant, which will also be solar-powered. The island will also have its own recycling plant to reduce the need to ship materials to the island and minimize waste.

When completed, the hotel will be able to host 140 tourists. They will arrive via the seaplane jetty, from where they will be taken by unmanned buggies to the inner lagoon. Tourists are promised water villas with a coral reef, as well as beach villas, as well as a signature restaurant, a spa with a pool and a fitness center and a spa. It also announced its own diving center. “It will be one of the most futuristic hotels on the planet,” the creators assure.

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