The most overpopulated country in the world has been named, where for every local there are 3 tourists, and this is not in Asia, but in Europe

 The most overpopulated country in the world has been named, where there are 3 tourists for every local, and this is not in Asia at all, but in Europe.

The most overpopulated country in the world, where there are 3 tourists for every local, is located at all not in Asia, but in Europe. Asian destinations are considered “overpopulated” in general, but when it comes to the number of tourists per capita, Europe takes the lead here. This data was shown by a study by the team.

As it turns out, a small European country like Austria is the most overpopulated tourist destination. Researchers said that for every local resident in Austria, there are 3.6 tourists. About 32 million people visit this alpine country every year, while the population of the whole of Austria is only 8.9 million citizens.

The most visited place in the country, of course, is its capital, Vienna. The most crowded attractions include Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Opera House and the Natural History Museum. But in Vienna, the researchers add, “there is enough space to cope with the number of visitors.”

But some of Austria's smaller cities are experiencing difficulties. In particular, Hallstatt, a town on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, where residents have repeatedly taken to the streets to protest against tourism, is unsuccessfully fighting against overtourism. The village is believed to have been the inspiration for the hit Disney film Frozen. As a result, film tourists flock to the village's observation deck to take selfies. Residents even erected a fence in an attempt to “evict” the selfie tourists, and also went out to protests.

The researchers also gave useful advice to tourists who “still want to visit Austria” but do not want to join the crowds of their colleagues . Among them is to visit the second largest city in Austria, Graz, which does not receive as many visitors, but is known as the “Capital of Culinary Delights.”

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