The most popular foreign airline among Russians has introduced payment for luggage and for choosing a seat: tourists will be charged for everything

The most popular foreign airline among Russians introduced payment for luggage and for choosing a place: tourists will be charged money for everything

The Turkish airline Turkish Airlines, which, after the imposition of sanctions on Russian carriers, became the most popular foreign airline among Russians for flights both to Turkey and Europe, decided to seize the moment and “improve” its tariff policy in the latest fashion. The main principle of which is to make almost everything paid. Tourists will either have to buy a ticket at a more expensive fare, or pay literally for everything – for luggage above the minimum 8 kg, for choosing a seat, etc., Turkish newspaper Turizm Gunlugu reports.

On most of the international flights of Turkish Airlines, this is no longer a surprise – baggage for an additional fee was introduced back in November 2020. But at the moment this rule has been extended to all flights. According to Turkish media statements, Turkish Airlines will now charge a seat selection fee for all passengers, except for passengers with a high-level loyalty card on international flights (in other words, only VIPs will be exempt). As for luggage, only 8 kg of hand luggage is allowed in the minimum free fare, which a rare tourist can fit into. You will have to pay extra for luggage.

In general, Russian tourists know everything about Russian carriers: Turkish Airlines offered three different airfare options: “EcoFly”, “ExtraFly” and “PrimeFly” – i.e. recognizable by our tourists as “economy”, “optimum” and “premium”. Tickets of the cheapest version also cannot be changed, canceled and returned, free seat selection is not available for them, and only hand luggage is allowed free of charge – if we talk about foreign flights. In the optimum, 23 kg of luggage is available.

On domestic flights, if anyone is going from Istanbul to Antalya, conditions are slightly better – 8 kg of hand luggage and 15 kg of luggage are allowed in the economy fare. Free seat selection, however, is not included.

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