The national carrier launched a free holiday program for Russians: conditions are named

The national carrier has launched a free holiday program for Russians: conditions have been named

A free holiday program for Russian tourists flying on vacation with a transfer in Addis Ababa has been launched by the national carrier Ethiopian Airlines. We are talking about stopover programs, that is, flights with a “stop” during a transfer. We are talking about a stop from 8 to 24 hours, both forced – if there are simply no flights closer in time, and voluntary. The carrier also named other conditions.

“We have decided to launch this service with the aim of allowing more passengers to experience Ethiopia without spending a lot of money. Of course, we also focus on the existing interest in the stopover, and the Russians have it, ”ATOR quotes a statement from Ethiopian Airlines. The airline also clarified that, in fact, this program is an extension of an existing offer – previously, the stopover was actively used by tourists flying from Moscow to destinations in Southeast Asia – such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, since the flight required a long forced connection to Addis – Ababa. On the same African destinations, a stopover was not required, since the connecting time is minimal.

“Now Russians can choose, for example, a flight to Africa with longer connections even if there are alternative flights. And this will allow, firstly, to get acquainted with the colorful capital of Ethiopia, and secondly, in some cases, save on flights. We want to popularize Ethiopia, including among Russians who value Africa, and not just among Asian lovers. We want to show travelers the capital of the country, motivating them to return to Ethiopia in the future already as part of a full-fledged tour,” added Ethiopian Airlines.

The terms of the service are as follows: the stopover program includes a free hotel with two meals a day and transfer from the airport to the hotel, and tourists can either book an organized tour or go on an independent trip. Conveniently, excursions can be ordered through the Moscow office of Ethiopian Airlines by paying in rubles. “When making a tariff with a stopover, it is important to check the presence of the S70.00ET indicator in the Fare calculation line. The voucher for the hotel is issued to passengers directly at Domodedovo Airport at the check-in desks,” Ethiopian Airlines said. Ethiopian Airlines passengers do not need a visa to receive this service.

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