The pilot of the plane told the tourists the places where turbulence is less manifested

The pilot of the plane told the tourists the places where turbulence is less

The plane is a single “organism”, but turbulence manifests itself in different parts of it. Jimmy Nicholson, an airline pilot and popular tiktoker, spoke about which places are least prone to air shaking. He used his cat to show that the front of an airliner is the least affected by turbulence. His recommendations were published by the British edition of The Sun.

“If you sit at the front of the plane, you will experience less turbulence. If you sit in the back, it will shake a little more, ”the expert warned. It was clarified that the back of the bead sways more, while the front remains more stable.

Nicholson added that this clarification is especially helpful for tourists who are afraid of flying or feel nauseous during turbulence. It is important to note that the phenomenon is temporary, it can last only a few minutes, and in itself is not dangerous. This is temporary and may only last a few minutes.

After the video has been viewed more than 120,000 times, users have begun offering their own seating tips, including wing seats. At the same time, Madeleine Doyle, a former flight attendant with many years of experience, confirmed that wing seats are a good option, since this area is more stable and less prone to shaking.

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