The plane with tourists flying to Antalya flew over the closed Ukraine

A plane with tourists flying to Antalya flew over closed Ukraine

The passenger plane of the Turkish airline BBN Airlines, flying from the Norwegian Oslo to Antalya, was forced to change its route and enter the closed airspace of Ukraine. The incident occurred due to an impending storm, the airline said. This information was provided by the Norwegian news agency NRK.

According to Flightradar24, an online flight tracking map, an Airbus A320-200 BBN Airlines changed course and flew over Ukraine, which was closed after the start of the conflict. The incident happened at the end of July, but this became known only recently. For two hours he moved through the south-west of Ukraine, along the borders of the Transcarpathian and Chernivtsi regions, and then entered the airspace of Romania. How many tourists were on the plane at that time was not specified, but it is known that the A320 model can carry approximately 180 people. Fortunately, the flight was safe, although there was a risk that the Ukrainian air defense could confuse the passenger side with another and strike at it.

According to the carrier, the incident occurred due to an impending storm, which forced the crew to change route. The airline spokesman also added: “We understand the concern caused by this incident and ensure that we will actively take steps to prevent such incidents.”

Background: BBN Airlines, a subsidiary of Bluebird Nordic and part of the Avia Solutions Group plans to rebrand. The expected new name is BBN Airlines Nordic. The carrier's fleet includes Boeing cargo aircraft, including converted A321 cargo aircraft operated by SmartLynx Airlines and SmartLynx Airlines Malta.

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