The plans of German tourists for the summer have become known: the most popular destinations have been announced

German tourists' plans for the summer have become known: the most popular destinations have been announced

Europeans are still optimistic and ready to actively travel in the summer months, with 3 out of 4 respondents planning to go vacation in the next six months. This information was provided by the European Travel Commission (ETC) as part of the study “Monitoring sentiment during domestic and intra-European travel – Wave 11”.

At the same time, German tourists and other Europeans also intend to travel mainly within the EU – the first places in the pan-European preferences were taken by Spain, Italy and France. Greece and Portugal are also in the top five. And the same Turkey was in eighth place. Overall, more than half – 56% – said they would spend their holidays “in another European country.” Also, more than half or 51% said they plan to spend between 500 and 1500 euros on vacation. This is 8% more than in the previous survey. By the way, the real percentage of bookings is not so high yet – only 25% of those who expressed a desire to travel added that they had already bought a tour.

For European countries that supply tourists, the statistics are as follows:

  1. German tourists have significantly exceeded the average holiday readiness indicator – 81% of Germans are ready to travel in the summer season of 2022, with a quarter of them prefer a beach holiday, and 40% of Germans plan to travel with their family. The top five destinations in Germany are: Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Austria.
  2. The British are even more eager to relax – 82% are ready to relax in the summer season, while 34% prefer a beach holiday. Preferred countries are Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal.
  3. In the Netherlands, the excitement is slightly less – 71% are going to rest. Preferred countries are Spain, France, Turkey, Germany and Greece.
  4. In France, 75% voted for a vacation, with 23% going to the beach. The top five French destinations are: Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Croatia.

“Our research report shows that desire to travel and confidence to travel have increased as COVID-19 has largely become a part of life. The geopolitical conflict in Ukraine and the resulting uncertainties and rising costs are new challenges facing the tourism industry. Despite these uncertainties, the desire to travel is still growing and the European tourism sector remains strong,” assured ETC President Luis Araujo.

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