The popular country of Southeast Asia has changed the rules of entry for Russian tourists

A popular country in Southeast Asia has changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Indonesia has almost completely removed the coronavirus barriers for the entry of foreign tourists, including Russians. So, the country will no longer require a PCR test obtained 48 hours before entering the country. The easing went into effect this week.

“The country continues to follow the previously outlined course to remove covid restrictions on the entry of foreign tourists,” the country's authorities said. At the same time, some barriers remain – we are talking about a vaccination certificate, including Sputnik V. Also, tourists will need insurance and a visa. At the same time, tourists with one dose of a one-component vaccine will be quarantined for five days.

As for internal rules, Indonesia also maintains a mask regime. It was removed as a mandatory requirement for playing sports in open places, as well as in places where there are no crowds of people. However, the mask regime is preserved indoors.

Thus, Russian tourists have the technical capabilities to get to Indonesia and, in particular, the island of Bali. However, you will have to fly with a transfer – Dubai, Istanbul or Doha are offered as hubs. Airfare prices start from 50 thousand rubles.

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