The process becomes massive: tourist attractions are closed one after another in Thailand

The process is becoming massive: tourist attractions are closing one after another in Thailand

No sooner had foreign tourists returned to Thailand in full, as local natural attractions began to be massively closed one after another. In early May, Krabi Island authorities announced that Maya Bay in Krabi would close from August to September to help restore its wildlife. Following this, other national park tourist attractions in the province began announcing plans to temporarily close for restoration – and even faster.

For example, Mu Ko Lanta National Park announced in an official notice that several islands under its control will be closed from May 16 to October 14. The islands that need to be closed in terms of park management are Rok Nai Island, Rok Nok Island, Hngai Island, Ha Island, Hin Daeng Hin Muang, and Khao Mai Keo Cave. Mu Ko Lanta's legal notice states that the closure will help manage tourism as well as allow time for the islands' environment and ecosystems to recover.

“Despite the fact that the ministry has taken strict measures to limit the number of visitors to Maya Bay, more than 3,000 visitors came every day during Songkran. The ministry allows 380 tourists to visit the island per hour and requires them to book trips there in advance. The number of tourists visiting Songkran , many times exceeded these limits,” Thai environmentalists complained. At the same time, the Ministry officially banned swimming in the bay. And tourist boats can no longer enter Maya Bay and must enter through the new pier and bridge at the back of Maya Bay.

“The 3-year closure of Maya Bay has been successful in bringing back plant and animal species that have disappeared due to the flooding of the beach and surrounding areas by tourists. The boats that entered the bay and anchored also destroyed much of the natural coral,” experts add. . The two-year pandemic vacation, from their point of view, benefited nature. But judging by the latest statements, apparently, nature has not recovered enough…

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