The professor explained why food is always tastier during the holidays, but not at the end of the tour

Professor explained why food always tastes better during holidays, but not at the end of the tour –

Tourists notice that food and drinks always taste better when they are on vacation. But if you bring the same products home at the end of the tour, the experience is completely different. A British professor explained to The Sun why this happens so often.

Professor Spence, a leading gastrophysicist at the University of Oxford, noted that on vacation by the Mediterranean Sea or in other resorts, tourists enjoy the warm sun and sea air, they are relaxed and in a good mood. Positive emotions affect, among other things, the perception of tastes. The same foods in a different setting can be disappointing and not as satisfying.

Studies show that proximity to water and the sight of it have beneficial effects on social, cognitive and emotional well-being. For example, if you have chocolate by the sea, especially on a cruise ship, its taste will seem unique and wonderful.

“The sight of the sea, along with the smell and sounds of the ocean, can enhance the brackishness, leading to a more cognitive form of taste enhancement. In an experiment I did with a famous chef a few years ago, we were able to show that the sound of the sea makes seafood taste better, so why not chocolate too?” – Professor Spence explained.

During the flight in an airplane, the perception of tastes also changes, but not for the better. The air on board is extremely dry, which can affect the receptors. If your nose gets dry during a flight, the food on the plane doesn't taste good. In addition, low cabin pressure reduces blood oxygen levels, making the body less sensitive to odors. As a result, the perception of salty and sweet is reduced by about 30%. Airplane food can be made a little better by wearing noise-canceling headphones, as engine noise also affects the taste.

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