The Russian Ambassador to Turkey issued an important warning to tourists

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Turkey issued an important warning to tourists

Keep calm, do not succumb to the provocations of Ukrainian “demonstrators”, and at the sight of demonstrations – cross to the other side of the street – urged Russian tourists vacationing in Turkey, Russian Ambassador to the country Andrey Erkhov. In an interview with Russia 24, the ambassador admitted that Turkey, including its resorts, is not a safe place free from Ukrainian demonstrations, and tourists should not be careless.

“We have such actions, and often , including in the resorts where our tourists rest,” the post warned tourists. That is why he advises vacationers not to be carefree and, as they say, “do not run into trouble.”

When seeing demonstrations with the symbols of the Azov National Battalion (banned in Russia) and other Ukrainian symbols, the ambassador recommends not to spoil your vacation and ” go to the other side of the street,” since openly criminal elements can also be found among Ukrainian protesters.

In general, the diplomat added, the situation is under control and quite calm. But caution won't hurt.

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