The Russian decided to relax on the Black Sea and realized that he would no longer book a hotel through travel agencies

A Russian decided to relax on the Black Sea and realized that he would no longer book a hotel through travel agencies< /p> Everyone deals with vacation planning in their own way: someone is looking for options on their own, and someone uses the services of tour operators. A Russian who decided to relax on the Black Sea told in his Zen channel why he would no longer book a hotel through travel agencies.

The Russian considers the main disadvantage of buying package tours to be that the persons who take up the organization of the vacation will not go on it themselves. Accordingly, they do not care how everything will be in practice, their task is to sell a ticket.

A tourist says that he saw an advertisement for a certain hotel on the Black Sea on the Internet. He liked the option, but he could not find it on popular booking sites. And then I decided to call the travel agency and find out if they have a package tour to this particular hotel.

The travel company could not help because of the non-unique name of the location. It turned out that there were several hotels with that name in the Krasnodar Territory, and it was impossible to understand which one was meant. However, this did not upset the travel agency at all. The Russian began to endlessly call and write to the messenger, offering other options that have nothing to do with the original.

“Moreover, I gave them a request taking into account the requirements of food and the mandatory presence of a pool for adults and children. However, they began to send me cheap offers of guest houses in different parts of the Krasnodar Territory, ”the tourist is indignant, not even considering guest houses and preferring good hotels.

In the end, he came to the conclusion that travel agencies offer any free options, and they don’t care about the client’s requests, on the principle of “what if it works out.” After all, all these managers will not go with the tourist. Accordingly, the best way out is to use sites to search for hotels and apartments, choosing the appropriate option exactly for your personal needs and preferences.

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