The Russian Embassy in China told when flights for Russian tourists to China will resume

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in China told when flights for Russian tourists to China will resume

On plans to restore flights for Russian tourists to China , as well as the difficult for tourism issue of the return of a Chinese tourist to Russia, told TASS at the Russian Embassy in China. Flights to the Celestial Empire for Russian tourists may well resume this summer season, diplomats say. At least work on this is already underway.

“Russia and China are discussing the restoration of the number of passenger flights between the two countries to support the growth of the tourist flow. At the moment, the issues of restoring passenger flights through the carriers and relevant government agencies of the two countries are being coordinated,” the Russian embassy said.

At the same time, the diplomats noted that the main interested carriers have “visibly stepped up” in recent weeks, both Russian and Chinese airlines. “Hainan Airlines began operating regular flights between Khabarovsk and Harbin, the Russian airline IrAero resumed flights from Irkutsk to Harbin. Aeroflot is also working to increase the frequency of flights between cities in Russia and China, in particular, the other day it was announced an increase in Moscow-Guangzhou flights to three a week,” the diplomatic mission said.

In general, according to the forecasts of the embassy, ​​the restoration of air traffic between Russia and China will take place in the near future – in the spring and summer of 2023. “However, in order to fully restore air traffic, which has remained at a minimum level for almost three years, companies and aviation departments of the two countries need to first carry out painstaking technical work, to improve contacts interrupted during the epidemic. Similar tasks have to be solved in the field of rail transportation between Russia and China,” the embassy said.

Diplomats also reported on the already begun growth in the number of applications for visas from Chinese citizens, including tourist ones. According to experts, according to the latest data, only for the current incomplete first month of 2023, the embassy issued 1,200 visas, while last year the same figure was only 582 visas. There are only 62 of them for tourists, but this is twice as many as for the whole of last year. At the same time, the embassy’s expectations are as follows: “By the end of this year, we plan to reach the mark of 60,000 issued visas, while, as the practice of previous years shows, about half of them will be tourist visas.”

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