The Russian found out what the Poles are proud of and was surprised

A Russian found out what Poles are proud of and was surprised

“Poles are a strange people. It would seem that they are the same Eastern Slavs, but they almost do not look like us, some of their reasons for pride would completely surprise our people, ”a Russian tourist traveling to different cities of Poland came to this conclusion. He listed the pride of the Poles on the pages of his channel “WHERE WE LIVE” on the social network “Zen”.

Firstly, the author noted that the Poles consider their architecture a matter of pride, because it serves as a living testimony of their centuries-old history. In each town, he discovered buildings and castles with a rich history, which are being actively restored. At the same time, the objects are trying to preserve the old European style.

Secondly, the Russian noticed the Poles' concern for nature. He drew attention to activists who are fighting for the environment and the conservation of forests and animal populations. Strict rules regarding hunting and fishing help to maintain a rich fauna, and even wild animals such as foxes do not hesitate to appear even in city parks.

Thirdly, religiosity is another distinguishing feature of the Polish people. The Poles are proud of the fact that in terms of the number of believers they occupy a leading place in the EU countries. However, this caused some bewilderment for the compatriot, as he noted that “the imposition of the Catholic religion is felt everywhere, especially in kindergartens, schools, and institutes. “Churches are everywhere, advertisements with religious overtones – in other words, it’s like falling into a sect,” the blogger compared.

At the same time, the reason for pride in religion contrasts with the Poles' addiction to drinking, they are especially “bursting” with pride that Poland is consistently in the top 10 most drinking countries in the world. “They rightfully occupy a place in the ranking, the Poles really drink a lot. Unlike the same Germans, who prefer beer or other low-alcohol drinks, Poles often drink strong drinks, they especially respect vodka or tinctures, ”the compatriot noted and was surprised that residents of a European country consider vodka a truly Polish drink.

The traveler was outraged that the Poles claim to be the inventors of this alcoholic drink, while in all other countries of the world vodka is more likely associated with Russia. “Who would think to be proud that the country drinks hard? the tourist was surprised. “Not only that, to be proud that the root of this evil was invented by the country itself, but also zealously defend the right to be called the inventor of vodka.” At the same time, Poland has its own popular drink, known all over the world – this is Zubrovka tincture with a strength of about 40%.

The last reason for pride, which the traveler was very surprised and called “funny”, is to emphasize one's belonging to the European Union. “In almost every conversation that has come about politics, the Poles will not miss the opportunity to note that they are part of the European Union, and not the smallest part: they are already in 10th place, therefore both Germany and France are considered with such “power,” he specified.

Compared to the virtues that Russians note in their country, the Poles seem strange, the author concluded. For comparison: our compatriots single out “lands, the most extensive, diverse in the whole world, historical victories and weapons” as reasons for pride.

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