The Russian lived in Georgia and suddenly wanted to return for a number of reasons

A Russian lived in Georgia and suddenly wanted to return for a number of reasons

countries of the post-Soviet space, will be pulled back. This assessment of the situation was presented by a blogger on his channel in Yandex.Zen. There he presented the experience of his friend, who left for Georgia even before it became a trend. As a result, the Russian “dramatically wanted to return” and the blogger lists a number of reasons why this happened.

“My friend fell in love with Georgia a long time ago, once he went to this country to rest and was so fascinated by it that he decided to stay. But as you know, tourism is one thing, but life … A friend was bribed by fresh fruits, hospitable new acquaintances and an excellent climate. But he did not take into account the difference in mentalities and very in vain, ”the blogger begins his story. Problems – they are the reasons for wanting to leave, were as follows:

  1. Job. “A rare immigrant can afford a job with a good salary. And not every education decides here, ”the blogger explained. According to him, “not an IT specialist and not a remote worker” will be forced to “plow” for our 15, or at best 20,000 rubles, so that there will be “no time for enjoying ripe fruits and stunning views”, since you need to survive at any cost.
  2. Rental of property. “Over time, it seemed to settle down and my acquaintance and his wife were able to find an apartment for themselves. Not the best living conditions, but for the sake of justice, the price tags in our country are not small, ”the expert said. At the same time, according to him, far from all apartments in Georgia – good housing. “It is rare where you can find a bathroom, you have to be content with a watering can and a drain hole in the floor near the toilet, the kitchen can be equipped on the loggia, and why not? In addition, the apartments are damp, hence the mold occurs, ”said the blogger.
  3. mentality. Referring to the “observations of a friend”, who “even missed the noisy upstairs neighbor, who loved to celebrate Friday”, the blogger says the following. “In Georgia, people are different, their way of life, as befits southerners, is measured, slow, and brother must understand brother. They can arrange vaunted feasts in the evening or continue repair work, with which no one was in a hurry during the day either. It doesn't bother anyone. The service is such that it is not possible to find it in every Russian province: everything is slow, reluctant. The market may well slip broken vegetables, stale fruits, to challenge this, you need to have nerves of steel, ”the blogger said. He also stated that a friend noted the wildest tactlessness. “A complete stranger can start to scold you for the fact that, in his opinion, you live somehow wrong (you live without interfering and without encroaching on the personal boundaries of others),” the blogger said.
  4. And, finally, the most probable reason is the “dramatic influx of emigrants” that did not make life better for the “old” ones who left. “Prices have risen, and the attitude towards “come in large numbers” has become sharp,” the blogger noted.

As a result, his acquaintance is already “going to his homeland”. He does not mind continuing to visit beautiful Georgia, but only as a tourist,” the blogger added.

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