The Russian rested in the Crimea and reported the risk of catching a “koktebelochka”

The Russian had a rest in the Crimea and reported the risk of catching «koktebelochku»

A Russian tourist with his family visited the Crimea in Koktebel and said that he no longer wants to return there because of the high risk of catching a “koktebel”.

Despite the enchanting views of the reserved places, the author has sad memories of the vacation. “I remember with a shudder what happened to us in Koktebel,” the traveler began his story on the Yandex.Zen channel.

A dense stream of vacationers spoils the impression of a beach vacation, and the sea, for which tourists go to Crimea, hides the very infection – the “kokte squirrel”, which the author warned against meeting. “For a month and a half we traveled around the Crimea and only in Koktebel we were overtaken by stomach troubles. Local misfortune has long been dubbed by the people as a “kokte squirrel”. And the reason is that effluents go into the sea, which pollute the water. Swimming is advised in the area of ​​​​Tikhaya Bay, because on the central beaches there is a risk of meeting a “kokte squirrel”. The sea here is beautiful, but the water near the shore is muddy, dirty-brown…”, he explained.

On the very first evening after swimming, the tourist became ill, and the next day, his son. “Twisted” so that they could neither eat nor drink. According to him, there could be no question of any rest. In this situation, they had to rejoice not at the resort, but at the fact that they did not end up in the local infectious diseases hospital.

“Finally. We are finally leaving this place!” – with such a thought, the tourist family left Koktebel and went to Feodosia. They had no problems with their stomachs. Summing up, the tourist appealed to the Crimean authorities with a call to pay close attention to the sewerage problem.

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