The Russian spoke about the boorish habit of our compatriots in hotels in Turkey

The Russian spoke about the boorish habit of our compatriots in hotels in Turkey

“Fighters for leadership”, occupying all the sunbeds by the pool in the morning, reached the “Russian” hotels in Turkey. A Russian tourist complained about them in his blog on Yandex.Zen, who expressed his impressions “about the Port Nature hotel, located near Belek in a place with the funny name Serik.”

First of all, he noted that the hotel “pool is just gigantic.” “Almost the entire interior space of the hotel is occupied by a whole system of different pools with slides, like in a water park,” the tourist said. The hotel also has its own sand and pebble beach, although with a rather steep slope. However, the main problem is not in it.

“In the pool and on the beach, our domestic boorish occupation of sunbeds reigns in the morning with the aim of arriving in the evening from an excursion and lying down if there is a hunt. Therefore, despite the huge number of sunbeds, there is nowhere to lie down in the morning, everyone is busy. Even with a cap, even with a handkerchief, even with a towel, ”the tourist complained. Moreover, according to him, “if you manage to find an empty place or throw someone else’s underpants on the ground, then for the whole day, for the most part, no one comes to the surrounding sunbeds, but occupy them just like that, just in case, it suddenly comes into your head to sunbathe” . “The administration does not interfere in this at all. No announcements about the inadmissibility of such behavior, no release of sunbeds, which no one comes to. Although they respond immediately to any other complaints and try very hard to resolve all issues in your favor,” the tourist said.

Note that this “rudeness” fades before the completely obscene behavior of British tourists who strive to constantly get drunk until they lose their pulse during their holidays – in Spain they are already struggling with this with huge fines, but so far without much result. Here is a curious but typical example: “A tourist pissed herself from laughter in front of shocked vacationers after a drunken friend fell on a sunbathing one.”

At the same time, the author of the blog noted that most of the staff at the Port Nature hotel is Russian-speaking, and in general, this is obviously a “Russian” hotel. Although, let's add, the fashion to occupy sunbeds from early morning is by no means exclusively Russian, complaints about it are heard in all resorts, German tourists introduced it, and the British willingly picked it up.

By the way, in addition to this, the tourist found other shortcomings. “The hotel itself does not cause any wild delight. Made, apparently, for a long time and looks tired. Noise isolation is poor, you can hear the neighbors as if they were nearby. Our room overlooks the sea and the pool. On the one hand, it’s good and beautiful, on the other hand, from morning until 1 am, loud music plays from this side without interruption, and even closed doors and windows do not save from it,” he said.

And the tourist was satisfied with the food: “In addition to the main restaurant, in the hotel itself (to try at least half of the dishes, you need to live here for a month) there are three more a la carte restaurants, a huge dessert restaurant with various ice cream cakes, a sushi bar and two restaurants in the air closer to the beach. All restaurants are free and you can eat around the clock! Also free and unlimited water, pomegranate and orange juices, any soda, absolutely wonderful ayran (which I have been looking for in Russia for years, but have not found), white-red wine (quite tolerable), a bunch of cocktails (Mojito, Margarita, Cuba Libre, Pina colada, etc., etc.), and the free list of strong drinks even includes Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey, a bottle of which in Russia costs 30-40 thousand rubles,” he said.

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