The Russian told how he pulled out his money from a Russian bank card in Dubai

A Russian told how he pulled his money out of a Russian bank card in Dubai

Since, under the sanctions, bank cards issued by Russian banks are not work, tourists have found a way how not to live in poverty and “pull out” money from their cards abroad. To do this, they are looking for compatriots who are ready to accept rubles and give local currency in return. The story of the exchange of Russian currency for Arabic dirhams was told by the traveler's channel in Yandex.Zen.

According to a tourist who is in Dubai, Russians abroad need cash, i.e. cash. In this case, there will be no problems with food or accommodation.
However, the author admitted that he went for such an experience with apprehension, because. circumstances forced him to look for ways to get money from a bank card.

Here is what he said: “For example, there are special group chats in Telegram in Dubai. Both tourists and businessmen communicate here. So, from there I learned that with a Russian card it would still be possible to shake out money. Local Russians who have Arabic cards make money by selling rubles for dirhams and vice versa. Thus, we met with Grigory, sent him rubles to his Russian card, and he thereby handed us dirhams … For the exchange, he takes some small percentage.

At the time of the exchange, the Central Bank offered the following exchange rate: one dirham for 18 rubles. As the adventurer-traveler noted, he agreed on an exchange at the rate of 1 dirham for 20 rubles, although on average other compatriots offer less favorable conditions: one dirham is sold for 21-25 rubles.

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