The Russian told how insidiously deceive tourists in Istanbul

A Russian told how tourists are deceived in Istanbul

A Russian traveler who visited Istanbul said that tourists are deceived in this Turkish metropolis, and revealed several examples of “swindle” schemes. He shared his experience in the personal channel “TRAVEL” in the social network “Zen”.

Everything happens like this: many tourists come to the cultural capital of Turkey for a few days, using the city as a transit point for further travel or choosing it as the end point of an independent tour. However, tourists in Istanbul expect “terrible” traffic, which, unfortunately, some unscrupulous people use: they try to deceive and take away money from visitors, so you need to be extremely careful and attentive in an unfamiliar city.

Istanbul is a beautiful metropolis with a rich history and unique travel opportunities. However, as in any other place, it is important to be attentive and careful in order to avoid possible cheating schemes. Travelers should rely on trusted sources of information, research prices and rules beforehand, and exercise common sense during their adventures.

Let's list the “swindle” schemes voiced by the Russian tourist. First, one of the most common and harmless scams is the “scam” of street shoe shiners. Seeing how a shoe shine brush falls in front of a passerby, many tourists want to be polite and attentive, pick it up and return it to the owner. However, this detail turns out to be part of a cunning plan to engage the naive visitor in conversation and deceive. In fact, the cleaner drops the brush on purpose to get attention and use it as an excuse to swindle money. The amount that they will try to lure out of a tourist who has fallen “on the bait” depends on the credulity and modesty of the latter. “Even I, an experienced tourist, was almost lied to, playing on the feelings of good manners, goodwill and gullibility,” the author complained and advised to remember that you should not succumb to such manipulations and be ready to refuse to participate in dubious actions.

The next scam to look out for is taxis. The driver must have a taximeter placed on the windshield of the car. According to the rules, the final cost of the trip should be displayed on the counter at the end of the route. However, many drivers speak only Turkish, despite the fact that at one time the state held language courses for them, they do not have navigators, and in the process of aimless movement around the city, the tariff may increase. Stories of deception include cases of drivers pulling into a gas station, buying a chocolate bar for a passenger and claiming that the route will be long because the driver allegedly does not know where the famous Taksim Square is located. As a result, the cost of the trip is twice as high as expected. In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to first familiarize yourself with the cost of trips around the city on the Internet or use applications that indicate the fare in advance.

Thirdly, local cafes and restaurants can cheat. It seems that everything is clear and transparent in the menu and prices for dishes. But in many Turkish cafes, especially those that are geared towards tourists, supplements such as salad, appetizer or bread are already included in the total price of a dish, such as meat or fish. The locals know this, but the travelers don't. What is the deception? In establishments located in tourist areas, salads and bread are not included in the main course, they can be brought, but they will be considered a separate line in the check. “You think: a complement from the institution. No. In the end, you will pay for all of this. And usually it costs more than usual,” the compatriot warned. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to clarify whether the cost of the ordered dishes is included in the final bill or whether they need to be paid separately.

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