The Russian told how Thai married a Russian tourist and did not lose

A Russian told how a Thai woman married a Russian tourist and made the right decision

marriage between a Thai woman and our compatriot. His wife and mother-in-law were delighted with him and said that they did not fail with the choice of the groom. Why a man from Russia attracted Thai women so much, the traveler told in his Yandex.Zen channel.

On the walls in a cafe, a tourist noticed wedding photos of a Thai woman and a Russian young man. It turned out that the hostess of the cafe is the mother of the bride. In a conversation with a tourist, she shared that the spouses live in two countries, but more often in Russia.

Russian men are exotic for Thai women

Swarthy Thai girls are attracted by fair skin and blond hair. “Thais don’t just fall in love with every white dude they meet, they are ready to hang around their necks already on the first date. Fair-haired Russian men are like brutal actors from an American blockbuster, where you look at a courageous hero and it is impossible to look away. It's the same here, only Russian men don't have makeup. But the Thais consider them just standards of male beauty,” the author explained and added that he, in turn, sees “a red face and blond hair” when he sees a Russian guy.

In addition, men's actions won the hearts of a Thai girl and her mother: “The door will open, the place will give way, breakfast will cook, lunch and dinner – yes, with ease. He calls to the restaurant and even pays, he does not refuse gifts. Generous, rich, handsome foreigner. Russian – ah, some pluses. ”

According to the owner of the cafe, the Russian also immediately fell in love with her daughter and started talking about marriage. She appreciated the seriousness of his intentions. “If many mixed couples only walk by the hand, then this son-in-law was serious. Well, how can you not fall in love here! – the blogger exclaimed.

What else attracted the girl in our compatriots was his age. Couples often meet in Thailand: a European pensioner and a young Thai woman. Such marriages have their own goals. However, in the case of the heroes of history, everything turned out differently. The groom was young and teetotal. “No beer, no vodka! Some wrong Russian. And the Thai did not miss this option, and agreed to marry a tourist from Russia,” the blogger finished the story.

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