The Russian tourist decided to understand the lady-guys in Thailand, and realized their difference from their Indian counterparts

A Russian tourist decided to look into ladyboys in Thailand and realized their difference from their Indian counterparts

Ladyboys in women's clothes with an Adam's apple and with breasts, whom the Russian traveler saw in Thailand and India, called interesting people and stated that the attitude towards them in both countries on the part of society is different.

“I want to come up and ask:“ Who are you: a lady or a guy? Your Adam's apple is visible from afar, but why are you wearing a women's skirt and high-heeled shoes? I want to look at such people endlessly, to consider them in detail, ”she said on her personal blog in Yandex.Zen.

According to the traveler, in India, you can’t stare at “special” people intently, because. it is believed that they can jinx the beholder or cause damage. At the same time, in Thailand, men dressed as women are “very open and good-natured people” who can be found everywhere. “For example, I saw a pharmacist who works among a female team and a man also positions himself as a woman. He has long hair and nails, even makeup, a short skirt and neat heels. Even against the background of his femininity, I look like a chicken. The man speaks beautifully, trying not to give out a rough masculine timbre. You look at him and think: “Here is an actress.” He plays every second. They even give change in some special way,” the traveler said and added that ladyboys in Thailand are found in various positions, including waiters, nurses, cashiers.

In other words, in this country they ordinary people. Whereas in India their counterparts are despised and invited only as buffoons to wedding festivities. “He (she) works as a cashier at the nearest 7/11 store. No one has ever put my products in a bag so carefully. I love shopping at this store and love to stare at it point-blank. And he does not care – the whole world is knee-deep. He wanted to sneeze at all prejudices and rules. He enjoys and lives the life that he enjoys,” the Russian woman concluded.

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