The Russian visited the Polish Khrushchev and was shocked by what he saw

A Russian visited a Polish Khrushchev building and was shocked by what he saw

A Russian visited his friends who live in an ordinary Polish five-story Khrushchev building on the outskirts of Warsaw. He shared his impressions of what he saw in the Zen channel “Where do we live?”

The Russian considers one of the advantages of Poland to be the responsibility of services involved in the improvement of local courtyards and repair of entrances, thanks to which the sleeping areas look clean, tidy and modern . He expected to see quite a decent Khrushchev, and was still surprised how different it was from Russian ones.

The floor, stairs and walls are lined with high-quality tiles in light pastel colors. The corridors leading to the apartments are separated from the flights of stairs by doors. Everything around is clean and tidy, no inscriptions on the walls and falling off plaster. The only disadvantage of the Russian was that there is not enough light in the evenings, although during the day the windows compensate for this.

“It would seem nothing surprising until you remember that, in fact, this is an analogue of our Khrushchev houses, houses 50+ years old , remember what our Khrushchevs look like, in such a contrast, the above-described situation is already capable of surprising, I have only seen this in new buildings of numerous residential complexes,” the Russian wrote.

A common problem of Polish and Russian Khrushchevs can be called the lack of a garbage chute and an elevator as well as rather narrow corridors. Due to the design in bright colors, the Warsaw entrance looks more spacious, but this practically does not solve the problem.

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