The Russian walked around Warsaw and was shocked by mountains of garbage

A Russian walked around Warsaw and was shocked by mountains of rubbish

said a domestic traveler on the pages of his channel in Zen after shocking discoveries while walking around Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Warsaw always seemed to a travel blogger to be quite a beautiful city, but during his stay there, he did not have much love to Polish culture. However, the entire architectural beauty of the city was mired in “an unrealistic amount of garbage on the streets.”

“Of course, garbage is not the only stain on the beauty of Warsaw. Here everything is hung with advertising, the walls are covered with graffiti, there are a lot of drunkards and hooligans even on the main streets. But what is most striking is the amount of garbage, ”said the tourist.

He admitted that the Warsaw mountains of waste do not have such a spontaneous scale as in some other countries, such as India or Africa, but still are a serious problem for an EU member state. So, for example, a flower bed near the house where he rented an apartment was turned into an impromptu base for all sorts of rubbish.

“It’s funny that most of the garbage is empty beer bottles. This, one might say, is a reflection of Polish drinking culture. Poland, like Russia, is among the ten most drinking countries in the world. Overgrown with moss, at least a hundred-year-old paving stones, a fairly juicy, well-groomed lawn nearby … it’s pretty nice if the lawn weren’t covered with candy wrappers, and empty bottles weren’t lying on the cobbled path, ”the author shared his observation.

All these factors, according to him, negate the European beauty of Poland. Garbage becomes a dominant feature that spoils the atmosphere.

Whose fault is it? The tourist put forward two versions of what is happening. The first is that the Poles are such sluts that they manage to litter everything so much in just a week, the second is that the country's leadership is so indifferent to street cleaning that garbage gradually accumulates in such heaps. “In any case, walking along such streets is unpleasant,” the Russian tourist concluded.

He further compared the situation in Warsaw with the situation in his hometown of Yekaterinburg. And although the infrastructure and architecture of the Ural capital is more modest than Warsaw, the city is much cleaner and creates a more pleasant experience.

In general, the discovery caused disappointment and bewilderment among the Russians. Instead of enjoying the beautiful architecture and culture of Poland, he was faced with a garbage problem that made walking the streets of Warsaw an unpleasant experience for a tourist.

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