The Russian woman said that the MIR card in Turkey will not save

The Russian woman said that the MIR card in Turkey will not save

To the Mir bank card, which was supposed to replace the blocked Mastercard and Visa cards for Russian tourists abroad, at least , in Turkey, one should not hope because of its interaction with a modest number of Turkish banks, a hellish exchange rate and other problems. A Russian woman told more about the pros and cons of the operation of Russian cards of the Mir payment system on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to her, the cards really work, and tourists can pay with it for purchases at some popular grocery stores (A101 and Bim), as well as in cosmetic departments (Gratis and Whatsons). At the same time, the automatic conversion rate is not the worst. “So, today, paying with it, the calculation was one to six, that is, having bought goods for 100 lira, you will pay 600 Russian rubles. At the exchange rate through the converter on that day, this comes out to 540 rubles, that is, the overpayment from the amount amounted to 60 rubles. Not critical, right? – the Russian woman wrote.

As for the minuses, they eat and even outweigh the few advantages of the card in the republic. Firstly, you can only withdraw cash from ATMs of three Turkish banks: İş Bankası, Ziraat Bankası and Vakifbank. Secondly, the exchange rate proposed by these banks is “far from reality”, since the dollar interferes with the conversion of the ruble-lira pair. Thirdly, “payment is not made in all stores.”

“With a market rate of approximately 6 rubles per 1 lira, transactions are first frozen at the rate of 7-8 rubles, and as a result, they will be written off at the rate of up to 12-13 rubles per lira. All this, of course, is due to the current global instability,” she explained.

In order not to take risks during a trip to Turkey, the Russian woman advised using a proven method – to take cash in dollars or euros with you and exchange them as needed on the spot.

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