The Russians called 20 mistakes that repel them from the Egyptian men

Russian women were named 20 mistakes that push Egyptian men away from them

If a girl does not want to live anymore in a marriage with an Egyptian, she should remember that from a tanned husband “getting rid of” is difficult, but possible. This was stated by a Russian woman on the Yandex.Zen channel and spoke about the mistakes that compatriots can make on purpose or not on purpose in order to reliably push away representatives of the strong half of the country of pyramids.

Let's list the “harmful” advice from a Russian woman living in Egypt. First, the author advised him to speak ill of his parents, especially focusing on his mother. “Especially about the mother. For an Egyptian, a mother is sacred, this is his ideal of a woman. His dearest person. Not every wife is able to take as much place in the heart of a Muslim husband as his mother. It is insulting to talk about an Egyptian mother-in-law – this is a direct path to divorce. Reproaches that the husband sends money to his mother or buys gifts for her are also effective,” the blogger shared.

Secondly, regularly talk to your husband about the rejection of religion and faith. The author noted that talking about atheism will offend her husband just like laughing during his prayer.

Thirdly, avoid intimacy as much as possible, referring to any reasons if the Egyptian demands the fulfillment of marital duty. And vice versa, to joke and say that he is a weakling if he is tired and does not agree at the moment to an intimate relationship. In addition, the author recommended talking about her ex-men.

“Dress up only when you have any special occasions or when you are going out. And in everyday life at home, for your husband, absolutely do not try to look attractive and sexy. Ignore what he likes when you put on nice lingerie or wear perfume. Deodorants and toothpaste are also not needed. No sugaring,” added the author.

On the street, you should definitely dress vulgarly, and if you have a walk with an Egyptian, then you need to make a sad face. It will not be superfluous to correspond with your husband and at the same time accompany the action with a mysterious smile on your face, and flirt with his friends and have frank conversations about yourself: “If you say something rudely to your husband in the presence of your friends, you will immediately checkmate him.”

If a girl notices some kind of failure or blunder in the affairs of an Egyptian husband, this can be used to your advantage: “It is advisable to call for a conversation when he came home from work hungry and point out his mistakes in detail, emphasizing what he is Jonah. At the same time, hint that other, familiar Egyptians are definitely smarter and more successful than him.”

“Say that Egyptian food is too greasy, spicy, tasteless and you will never cook Arabic dishes. And don't cook! Change Egyptian channels when he's at home. No football on TV!” – the Russian woman categorically stated.

Also, our compatriot urged to “dig” in her husband's phone. “Ask again who called him and why it seemed to you that he was sent a heart. Don't even listen if you make excuses and say that in Egypt men can send hearts to each other for Ramadan. Make a scandal. Or better yet, shut up for a week or two,” she advised.

In addition to everything, one must constantly complain and whine that everything around is not a pleasure: work, lack of things in the wardrobe and, in the end, about himself. “The best time to start complaining is when your husband is in a good mood, successful at work or having a family holiday. Remind me often how Egypt and everything infuriates you,” the Russian woman clarified.

The author also noticed that the degradation method works well. “Let your life be nothing but salons, shops and girlfriends. Make 4D false eyelashes and long nails. And tell your husband that you can't do housework with your hands like that. Let him understand that you absolutely do not think about the household, about personal and career growth. At least one healthy and self-confident man is unlikely to want to live with a person who does not know how to do anything (except shopping),” the Russian woman concluded.

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