The Russians called 6 points that you can’t take pictures in Egypt

The Russians were told 6 points that you cannot take pictures in Egypt

The Egyptian authorities have issued a long-awaited and clearly formulated instruction, consisting of six points that you cannot take pictures in public places while in the country of the pyramids , the Russian woman said on the Yandex.Zen channel. For a violation, not only a “showdown” with an angry Egyptian threatens, but also a fine and other more severe punitive measures.

Officials strictly watch over the photographs taken by foreigners, including Russians, when they are on the territory of an Arab state. Although in general, filming in public places on ordinary phones in Egypt has remained free and does not require permits, officials have put forward certain restrictions that tourists must comply with. Read more in the article “Photographing children and slums: Egypt has introduced new rules for tourists.”

We list what you can not photograph and what equipment is prohibited to use:

  1. minors;
  2. adults without their consent;
  3. flash photography is prohibited in museums;
  4. any commercial photography, including shooting for the media, as it requires permission;
  5. professional photographic equipment may not be used without special permission;
  6. images defamatory of Egypt may not be taken or distributed.

The wording of the last paragraph is very vague. Local authorities can “fit” a large number of objects under this framework.

Here is an excerpt from the reflections of an author living in Egypt: “In the country of the pyramids and the eternal sun, there are many objects that are considered police or military, and you can’t tell by their appearance. More than once there have been cases when people came to some neutral (at first glance) place, but it turned out that it was impossible to shoot there. True, if the place is public (and not surrounded by barbed wire), then it is usually reported politely for the first time. If you immediately apologize and stop, most likely there will be no consequences. But if you start “downloading your license”, then you may well end up in the local kalabush (police station).
Well, if, for example, take a picture of some old dilapidated building – can this “discredit the honor of the country”? Theoretically, maybe, because this is a stone in the garden of officials – especially if you put it on the net with the signature that these same officials are bad people, real radishes who do not monitor the state of architectural monuments.

Besides, , the Russian woman said that she had heard about real cases when some foreign bloggers living in Egypt were summoned for an explanatory “talk” to the police station and clarified what could be written and what not. “And some were even strongly recommended to leave the city and look for happiness, and at the same time materials for publications, somewhere else,” warned a compatriot.

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