The Russians called working ways to buy tickets cheaper

Russians have been named working ways to buy tickets cheaper

Booking service experts have named working ways for Russians to buy tickets cheaper and listed some approaches that do not bring the expected results. Their recommendations are published in the material RIA Novosti.

“In the case of flights, people often look for a panacea: booking with a VPN, through a phone like a Nokia flashlight, or at night,” Aviasales said. “But in fact, proven by millions of transactions, the methods are simple: buy in advance, monitor prices through a fare subscription, choose alternative arrival and departure airports, and monitor sales.”

Air travel professionals believe that successful buying methods tickets are simple and do not require any special tricks. We list them:

  1. Track prices and immediately buy tickets after a decrease. Experts from Aviasales recommended booking tickets in advance and subscribing to fares and promotions to keep abreast of the latest offers. It is also useful to keep track of prices through aggregators or travel services that provide information about the prices of all airlines. OneTwoTrip also added that if airfare prices have already fallen, then there is no point in waiting for a further fall, as they may increase again in the next price change.
  2. Explore alternatives. Instead of direct flights, you should consider using alternative airports of arrival and departure. Sometimes this can significantly reduce the cost of the ticket.
  3. Take into account seasonality. Airfare prices can vary significantly depending on the season and public holidays. Therefore, if tourists are planning a trip during the high season or on holidays, it is recommended to book seats on the plane in advance, preferably a few months before the departure date. “You can save money if you buy tickets in advance or vice versa – back to back before departure. But the second option is rare and should not always be counted on,” said Yana Belousova, director of pricing and analytics at the Kupibilet travel service.
  4. Choose convenient days for flights . Although there is no clear dependence of the price on a particular day of the week, Belousova noticed that flights from Monday to Thursday are usually cheaper. However, it is worth remembering that the proximity of the departure date and the occupancy of the airliner also affect the price.
  5. Take into account the influence of exchange rates. This is especially true for foreign airlines. The ticket price may also depend on fees, including fuel, which increases with the increase in the cost of kerosene. Elena Shelekhova, head of the press service of the OneTwoTrip service, recommended buying a ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday when planning a trip abroad. “This is due to the fact that every Wednesday at midnight, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) updates the exchange rates that airlines are guided by,” she said.
  6. Sometimes buy at night. “When a user presses the search button on a travel service, dozens and hundreds of search queries are sent to different systems. Now almost all airlines use dynamic pricing systems that are sensitive to fluctuations in interest (search queries on travel services),” the press service of the Yandex Travel travel planning service told RIA Novosti.
    During periods of increased demand, the system may offer higher prices. This often coincides with night time, as users are less likely to search for and purchase tickets during this period. However, experts agreed that this is not a direct pattern. The main recommendation is to subscribe to notifications about prices or sales that delight tourists.

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