The Russians have a big gap between desires and opportunities to relax

Russians have a big gap between desires and opportunities to relax

A huge gap between the desire to relax and the inability to realize this was shown by a survey of Russians by the SuperJob platform. It turned out that the financial resources allocated by our fellow citizens “fall short” of their idea of ​​an ideal vacation by more than 4 times.

In total, more than 13,000 people from all regions of Russia took part in the survey: over 10,000 residents of cities million people and about 3,000 small towns. It turned out that the majority of Russian travelers valued a quality weekly vacation at 160,000 rubles.

The recruitment and job service made a gender sample. So, according to the survey, the men turned out to be more generous: they estimated a seven-day dream vacation at 175,000 rubles, but in fact they are ready to shell out only 40,000 rubles. For women, the statistics are different: their ideas about a wonderful vacation fit into 143,000 rubles against the real 33,000 rubles. In other words, both of them cannot afford “perfect luxury”, so all they are willing to spend on their vacation is 37,000 rubles. At the same time, they need to be satisfied with their trip.

Another conclusion is no less interesting: 35% of respondents said that their pockets are empty, so even the above amount is too much for them. As for last year's statistics, then the respondents were to spend 36,000 rubles on their vacation against today's 37,000 rubles. The difference is not large, despite the fact that inflation in Russia this year is significant and significantly outstripped the budget currently laid down for holidays by the average Russian tourist.

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