The Russians have found a way to avoid confiscation at the Eurozone border: the corresponding services have already appeared

The Russians have found a way to avoid confiscation at the border of the Eurozone: the corresponding services have already appeared

The European Commission did not have time to confirm the decision to confiscate sanctions from Russians entering Europe products, even toilet paper, how the Russians found a way to avoid confiscation at the Eurozone border: corresponding services have already appeared. Moreover, we are talking about Germany, which stated that it will confiscate from the Russians everything that is on the sanctions lists, without exception.

Note that EC representative Daniel Sheridan Ferry clarified that EU countries may not confiscate personal belongings of Russian citizens entering the European Union, even if some of them are on the “black list”. So far about cases of confiscation at customs of personal belongings – clothes, smartphones, etc. – was not heard, noted in the publication of Komsomolskaya Pravda, and they turned to experts from Russian customs to give advice to tourists.

“At customs, cars, laptops, mobile phones and other products included in the list will not be taken away; they simply may not be allowed into the European Union. They can only take it away if you try to smuggle it in secretly. At customs points, as a rule, there are storage chambers where you can leave goods, but if this rule begins to be applied everywhere, then, I’m afraid, very soon these chambers will be filled,” customs lawyer Sergei Mrachkovskikh explained to the publication. He added that he advises, just in case, to take inexpensive phones and laptops on trips abroad – so that if something happens, you won’t feel sorry for buying what you need already in the eurozone.

As for the law on confiscation of cars, as the lawyer said, a service has already appeared on how to circumvent this law. “You enter into a car purchase and sale agreement in Russia with a citizen of the European Union and that’s it – the car is no longer subject to the ban. And the Russian is driving it by proxy. We’ll see how this will be implemented in practice, but here everything seems to be clean, you can’t undermine it.”

Experts added that there have already been cases in Germany, there have been cases when a person who entered from Russia with Russian license plates is living there, those who had already begun the procedure for obtaining citizenship were deprived of their car. Let us recall that in the response of German customs to the Russian tourist, they officially stated: Germany will not make exceptions from EU sanctions for Russians entering the country – any goods subject to the embargo can, in principle, be confiscated. Read more here.

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