The Russians have published a list of countries where they can fly direct flights from Russia

The Russians have published a list of countries where they can fly direct flights from the Russian Federation

As of mid-May, direct flights from the Russian Federation are possible only to 19 countries , while more than half are beach destinations, the travel agent’s channel in the Yandex.Zen service noted. Below is a list of countries and the necessary conditions to get there.


Direct flights are operated on the route Moscow – Baku. In June, direct flights from the regions will be added. Tourists do not need a visa.


There are direct flights both from the Russian capital and from the regions. A visa for travelers is not required, as well as “covid” documents: a certificate and a PCR test. Entry conditions apply as before the pandemic. You can fly to a “friendly” country with an internal Russian passport.


Gulf Air operates direct flights from Moscow. Tests and certificates are not required for entry. The visa is issued upon arrival at the destination airport.


There is direct air communication with the fraternal country from Moscow and other cities of Russia. The host country does not require visa documents from tourists. Only a Russian passport is required to cross the border.


Conviasa, the country's largest airline, has direct flights from Moscow to the capital Caracas. No visa required.


For Russians, direct regular and charter flights to popular resorts from Moscow and St. Petersburg are available on charters. To enter a hot country, you will need one of the documents to choose from: a PCR test or a certificate of vaccination.


There is a direct flight from Israel to Moscow, Sochi and Mineralnye Vody. Russian tourists do not need a visa to visit the country.


Direct flights from Moscow to Delhi have been resumed.


There are direct flights from Moscow to Tehran.


Direct flights are available to Russians from several regions. A visa is not required to visit Kazakhstan. Tour operator FUN & SUN (formerly TUI) has launched tours to Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea.


From Moscow to Doha, Qatar Airways operates direct flights.


There are direct flights from several regions of Russia to different cities of Kyrgyzstan. Our compatriots will not need a visa, because. You can cross the Kyrgyz border with a Russian passport. “Covid” documents are not required, entry is simple, as it was before the coronavirus pandemic.


Aeroflot has resumed direct flights from Moscow to the paradise resorts of the Maldives. No entry certificates are needed, a visa is issued on the spot upon arrival.


Direct flights are available not only from Moscow and the Northern capital, but also from other regions. Planes fly to popular Dubai and Sharjah. For entry, Russians need to provide proof of vaccination or a PCR test, which was passed 48 hours before entry.


Direct flights of Air Serbia are operated from Moscow to Belgrade. This is the most “daring” European country that has received and continues to receive Russian tourists despite the coronavirus and geopolitical difficulties. Flights from Sochi resume in June. A visa is not needed, tests and certificates are also not needed.


You can get to the eastern country from several regions of Russia, you do not need a visa for this.


One of the most popular and massive destinations among our compatriots. Both regular and charter flights from many regions fly to Turkey from Russia. A visa is not required, for entry you need a PRP test or a certificate of vaccination. Since there are charters, it is profitable to fly to Turkey on vacation by purchasing a package tour. Recall that in the context of anti-Russian sanctions a month earlier, the Turkish authorities created airlines specifically for Russian traffic.


There are flights from Moscow and the regions to different cities of Uzbekistan. A visa is not needed to visit the country.

Sri Lanka

Tourists fly direct from Moscow to Colombo. To enter a country where protests are currently raging, a PCR test or vaccination certificate is required. A visa is issued upon arrival.

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