The Russians rushed to buy tickets for the summer: the most sold out destinations were named

Russians rushed to buy tickets for the summer: the most sold out destinations were named

Russians are actively buying up air tickets for the summer, according to experts from the service, who analyzed the demand for early booking of air tickets. At the same time, tourists rushed to buy tickets mainly in Russia, only 7% of tourists are ready to risk “long” trips abroad – we are talking about air tickets and independent travel. Let's list the most sold out destinations.

As for abroad, only 7% of the purchased tickets fall on foreign routes. Moreover, interestingly, Turkey is not in the lead – among the clients of the service, Baku was in the first place, which received the largest volume of tickets purchased – 8.4% in the “general standings”. The ticket price is 27.8 thousand for a round-trip ticket. Antalya and Istanbul follow with 7.4% of volume and 5.1% respectively. The price of a ticket to Antalya is from 43.2 thousand rubles, to Istanbul – 34.4 thousand.

As for Russia, domestic destinations account for 93% of sales, respectively. And the main summer destination, which remained uncontested due to the closure of airports in the Russian South, receives the main share – 35% of tickets are issued in Sochi, if we count for all cities of departure. The route Moscow – Sochi, for example, accounts for 13%, the price of such a ticket is 16.8 thousand rubles. Also on the list are routes to Sochi from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, etc. – they occupy ten positions in the top twenty most popular flights.

Also, routes to Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as to Kaliningrad (6% of the total share of tickets purchased) and Minvody (4.6%).

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