The Russians told what it is better not to say to the Poles, so as not to piss them off

The Russians said what better not to say to the Poles, so as not to piss them off

A conversation between a Pole and a Russian can go not along a peaceful path, if you talk with a citizen of Poland about topics that are painful for him. It is about the origin of the people, the territorial issue and religion. “The Poles will foam at the mouth to prove your wrong and ignorance,” the compatriot assured on the pages of his Yandex.Zen blog.

As the author rightly noted, the Poles have sore topics closely related to Russia. What topics can piss off the inhabitants of a European country?

First, the origin. The Poles refuse to admit their Slavic origin, they prefer the idea of ​​​​a close historical connection from the Anglo-Saxons or North Germanic tribes. “Slavs are about Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, we are a completely different ethnic group than they are, we are of a different origin,” a typical Pole answer. Despite the fact that scientists consider them the largest West Slavic people. According to studies of the genetic similarity and difference of peoples published by Balanovsky, the gene pool of the Poles shows the greatest similarities with the gene pools of the Lusatians, Slovaks, Belarusians, Russians of the central and southern European regions and slightly less with the gene pool of the Western Ukrainian population.

Secondly, Poles are very annoyed when “foreigners confuse the location of their country or, God forbid, underestimate its size”. “No, it’s not us next to Russia, but it’s next to us, and our country is not at all small, if Polish lands were not constantly occupied, it would be much larger,” they answer in the discussion.

Thirdly, the people of Poland consider themselves the most long-suffering people, especially when it comes to wars. Anyone who doubts this will be cursed. So, the Poles seriously believe that in the Second World War it was they who suffered more than anyone else. “There are few other peoples who endured as many hardships as Poland endured, despite this we remained self-sufficient,” the author gave such an example.

Fourthly, Poles can always argue about views on religion . Here is what the traveler said about this: “Poland is a very religious country, perhaps one of the most religious in Europe, and the Poles are very radical, they themselves are Catholics, but instead of recognizing the Orthodox Church, they believe that Orthodoxy is a mixture of Catholicism with Asian culture and therefore not worthy of recognition.”

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