The Russians were called 4 options for how to call blacks in America

Russians were given 4 options for calling blacks in America

A Russian woman who has lived in the US for 15 years spoke about four options that are used to refer to blacks in America. Moreover, only two of them are considered the norm for a white person, the third will be perceived as a racist treatment and will not be left without attention, and the fourth is better to forget altogether. The compatriot listed all four on the pages of her Yandex.Zen travel channel.

“If you don’t filter what is said in America and express yourself“ freely ”, as many are used to in Russia, you can get a lot of problems. After all, black comrades in the United States are very gentle creatures and do not allow “incorrect” and “wrong” statements in their address,” she warned.

The Russian woman explained that four variants of the names of blacks in the United States have rules for use. “That is, not everyone and not in relation to everyone can use this or that option. And if he makes a mistake: he will get in the face and/or the police all with the same accusation of racism,” the author specified.

Safe and non-offensive

The words of Black or African American to whites can be used safely and is not considered an insult to blacks.

Black is allowed

It is considered the broadest definition of black people in the country, which includes not only skin color, but also an entire culture. “This word can be used in any situation, it is as correct as possible, it does not offend anyone. And there will be nothing for him. But there is an important BUT: in no case should you say “the blacks”, and you should always write Black with a capital letter in the text, like all other races, for example Asian, Latino,” the blogger noted.

African American, i.e. African American – you can

Not all “blacks” fall under this term, but only those whose birthplace is the United States and who have African roots, which means that their ancestors were slaves. That is, this is a more narrowed and refined concept compared to the previous one.

Considered offensive and prohibited

Representatives of the white race are prohibited from using the following terms. “Neither jokingly, nor muttering something barely audible, nor singing a song or repeating its words. Будет большая проблема, если их услышит темнокожий», – говорилось в сообщении.

Nigro/Nigger – нельзя

Вплоть до начала ХХ века эти обращения не считались an insult. According to the tourist, there are still official organizations that are called that, for example, the United Negro College Fund.

Help: United Negro College Fund is an American charitable organization that finances scholarships for black students and general scholarship funds for 37 private colleges and universities that were historically black. comes from the Spanish word negro, which is the “tracing paper” of the Latin niger, which means “black”. In the 21st century, this word has become offensive and racist in the United States, and is often replaced by the euphemism N-word. This is done in order not to pronounce the word itself in full, but to understand what it is about.

“Whites should not say this word in any case. Say – you are clearly a racist and handshake. The “blacks” themselves say this word among themselves, but also carefully. But this is their culture, they themselves will figure out when they are “ok” and when they are “not okay”. To everyone else, “not okay,” she explained.

Nigga is not allowed

“This is slang used exclusively by members of the black race, i.e. African Americans. No one else can use this word under any pretext. Better not to know at all. Black to black can say like, “Bro, what's up, nigga”? But if a non-black person says it (and it doesn’t matter if it’s white, Asian or Hispanic), there will be a big fight, ”the turboblogger added. etc. in relation to each other. By addressing in this way, they emphasize not the color of the skin, but belonging to “their own”.

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