The Russians were explained whether to go to Turkey in the summer of 2022 and what to fear

The Russians were explained whether to go to Turkey in the summer of 2022 and what to fear

“Unbelievable, but true: some people are afraid to vacation in Turkey this year,” this is how a professional Russian tourist began her post and said that she was not going to hide from anyone, and also pretend to be a Polish or Latvian tourist, because. nothing critical will happen to our compatriots during their holidays in Turkish resorts, although the country is a member of NATO.

The vacation will be great if you behave politely, do not raise sensitive topics in public and “do not demonstrate your national identity.” She dispelled her fears about holidays in Turkey in the 2022 season on the Yandex.Zen channel. In the conditions of Russophobic sentiments abroad, tourists began to be afraid to travel outside the Russian territories. However, the traveler said that “all the horror stories that it is dangerous to vacation abroad” sound ridiculous.

Fear 1: Turkey is a NATO country

Despite the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO does not affect tourists in any way, she assured.
“No tanks on the beaches and soldiers with machine guns. Even the police here smile and do not inspire fear in tourists. They just are (as everywhere else). Only rare flags on state institutions speak of Turkey's membership in NATO. Tourists should not worry about this at all, ”she clarified and added that the Russians who went to the resorts of Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria were hardly worried about the fact that these countries are also members of the alliance.
In addition, the blogger noted that many residents of the republic are in favor of Turkey's withdrawal from the military-political bloc.

Fear 2 – tourists from “unfriendly” countries rest in Turkey

“Turkey is loved by Ukrainians, Poles, Germans, residents of the Baltic states. Don’t worry so much!… This month I have already visited two hotels… But I have never encountered neglect or rudeness,” the girl reassured the tourists and added that “people understand that you are not specifically to blame for what is happening” .

According to the Russian woman, on vacation people from different countries are not up to sorting things out. However, if these happen, then the tourist police work in the country, which deals with conflict situations. Hotel employees and even street vendors are also not indifferent to disputes between tourists.

The general instructions for behavior in Turkish resorts are as follows: “Do not enter into conflicts yourself, do not raise sensitive topics in public. If you are still worried, try not to demonstrate your nationality with clothing items. Put aside T-shirts with a portrait of the president until your next trips, do not tie a St. George ribbon to your suitcase … Do not take a bear on vacation.

Fear 3 – locals treat Russians badly

Against the backdrop of complex geopolitical relations between countries, ordinary people do not want to find out who is right and who is wrong. For them, the guests of the country are tourists. “Souvenir sellers in Turkey love to greet customers with the standard phrase: “Where are you from/Where are you from?” Do not be afraid to answer the question even in the presence of foreigners. And do not doubt that the Turk will break into a smile: “Oh! Russia! My favorite country!”

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