The Russians were informed about the difficult situation with obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

The Russians were informed about the difficult situation with obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

Russians fleeing from the “difficult reality” to Turkey were warmed by the thought of the possibility of obtaining a residence permit of the republic if they stayed to live there for a long time. However, due to the influx of applicants, the authorities closed part of the popular areas of resort towns for registration of residence permits in order to “cool down” the long-term rental market. In this regard, there have been many rumors that the closure order could be extended to all provinces of the country. In her Yandex.Zen blog, a Russian woman living in Turkey assessed the likelihood of an emergency innovation.

“Not only in Alanya, but also in Turkey in general, they say that the tourist residence permit can be cancelled. Living here on this basis for years is not tourism at all, and the state plans to deal with this issue. Too many people have come and continue to come. In September, the Russians again took first place among other countries in terms of the number of people who arrived in Antalya. Moreover, many are not going to return back to Russia,” the compatriot told the background.

As a result, there were rumors that the residence permit for tourism will be either significantly limited or canceled altogether. In this case, the Russians will have to look for new countries of residence for themselves or find “other reasons for living in Turkey” for themselves. For example, education, marriage, work or property ownership.

“Thus, the long-term rental market will be “liberated” from foreign tenants, prices will return to normal, and local residents will once again be able to afford to rent apartments. As you know, now the prices are exorbitant due to the large flow of foreigners (in particular, Russians and Ukrainians),” she explained.

Let us add that local residents criticize the current situation. According to them, the authorities turned a blind eye to the fact that the coastal province of Antalya was flooded with foreigners and it is they who determine how the long-term rental market will develop.

In addition, the Russian woman noted that areas closed for obtaining a residence permit can be opened for foreign tourists who bought real estate there before July 1, 2022. “That is, apartment owners will be able to obtain a residence permit for TAPU (document of ownership of real estate in Turkey). It's a good news. If this happens, it will mean that they are working on new laws and bringing them back to normal,” the author said.

Another possible scenario is that obtaining a residence permit by TAPU will be opened to absolutely all districts. In other words, the most affordable way to get a residence permit in Turkey will be to own real estate. In this case, apartment prices will continue to rise, and Turkish business and the state treasury will benefit.

What is happening in reality?

According to the Russian woman, a meeting was held between the members of the foreign committee of Alanya and the employees of the migration service of the resort town, where issues of concern to all were raised. Currently, tourists receive many refusals both in obtaining primary residence permits and in extending residence permits.

Here is an excerpt from the story of a Russian woman: “For a primary tourist residence permit for rent in open areas, in addition to other documents, you must provide an account statement in a Turkish bank, which contains the amount of one and a half minimum wages for 1 month for each adult. To date, 49,500 liras (more than 161 thousand rubles) are required for six months. And half of the amount must be shown to the child.
To renew the residence permit for rent, you need to provide an extract on the movement of funds on your account in a Turkish bank, confirming that you spend at least 8'000 lira (26 thousand rubles) per month .
However, this is not news, we bring such documents to the “migration office” every renewal. Sometimes they take them, sometimes they return them. Those who have lived in Turkey for a long time know that the requirement to show money on the account existed before.

A residence permit, which means that an outflow of newly arriving emigrants from Turkey is likely.

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