The Russians were told how to transfer rubles from a Russian card in Egypt and get pounds in cash

Russians were told how to transfer rubles from a Russian card in Egypt and get cash pounds

Russian tourists can legally transfer rubles from a Russian bank card and get cash pounds already in Egypt using the domestic money transfer system CONTACT, created by Qiwi Bank. An intermediary is not needed for this, the transfer can be made in your name. shared his translation experience.

The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Register an account. To do this, you must enter the data of the passport, TIN and SNILS. Account verification takes about one hour. It is clarified that without prior registration, a money transfer is also available, but at subsequent stages, the sender's personal data will still be required.
  3. Select the “send transfer” button – in cash.
  4. Select a bank to receive Egyptian pounds. “We choose the direction of translation – Egypt. Next, in the drop-down menu – “Any city”, since Hurghada is not directly on the list, ”the site explained.
  5. Select a payout point with the issuance of Egyptian pounds (EGP).
  6. Fill in details. You must specify the transfer amount in dollars, when making a payment, it will be converted into pounds. Indicate the source of funds: savings, salary, etc. Fill in the column “Purpose of payment”: expenses for medicine, travel, family. Provide information about who the sender is related to the recipient. If the transfer is carried out in your own name, select “I myself”.
  7. Enter personal data and information about the recipient in Latin letters, as in the passport. There is no need to indicate the middle name, otherwise the Egyptian accounting system will not recognize the translation. Enter your Egyptian phone number.
  8. Enter your bank card details.
  9. Check the amount of payment in rubles and receipt in pounds. Click the “Next” button.
  10. Confirm the withdrawal of money by SMS.
  11. Receive cash at the bank branch selected in the second step. If the bank has several branches, the money will be waiting for the tourist in any of them. You will need a passport to apply.

What do you need to consider?

  • The translation system has the following conditions: the translation must be one-time and non-business related; in relation to the tourist making the payment, there should not be court orders declaring him bankrupt; the tourist has no credit arrears.
  • The repayment period is from 30 minutes when sending before 18:00 Egyptian time, but banks accept visitors until 15:00 hours.
  • Required when visiting a branch protective mask.
  • If there are errors in the data, it will take time for the staff to resolve the issue. It is clarified that this is happening slowly.

As the author of the article noted, speculators in Egypt managed to “cash in” on exchanges with the Russians. Often the rate offered by them was much higher than the bank rate. Among them, there were often scammers who could “slip” counterfeit cash bills.

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