The Russians were told through which countries they can now get a Schengen visa

The Russians were told through which countries they can now get a Schengen visa

Some European states have stopped issuing Schengen visas to Russians, there are already several of them. However, most of the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement did not follow such a rash decision of their EU counterparts. Tourist service “Tutu. Ru presented a list of these states. Here is a single piece of information for Russians about which countries still issue visas to Europe and how you can visit countries that have stopped issuing them.

As of August 10, nine countries of the Old World have suspended the issuance of tourist visas to Russian citizens. Among them:

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. Latvia
  4. Lithuania
  5. Netherlands
  6. Poland
  7. Slovakia
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Estonia

Slovenia can also be conditionally included in this list, since it accepts Schengen documents with restrictions: tourists are required to confirm in the form of a plane ticket for a flight purchased from any carrier other than Russian and Slovenian. The situation is alarming, but there is a way out.

According to analysts, there are both minuses and pluses in the current situation. The main inconvenience for Russian travelers is that the anti-Russian measures to refuse the Schengen tourist visa were supported by those countries where it was easiest to get a visa before the aggravation of the geopolitical situation. For example, the Czech Republic. There, the level of refusals in extradition was minimal, without fear it was possible to apply with a clean passport. And the main plus is that visiting these countries is still possible – it is enough to get a visa at the embassy of another state that is part of the Schengen zone. But the European authorities intend to work out and cover up this loophole as well. The proposal to ban the entry of Russian tourists, students and Russian relatives of EU citizens to the bloc countries has been submitted for discussion in the EU. This information was confirmed by the press secretary of the German Foreign Ministry Andrea Sasse and the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany, Steffen Hebestrait. More information about the proposal will be revealed once discussions are completed within the German Office and within the EU.

Currently, visa documents from Russian tourists are accepted by Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, France, Malta, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The requirements for tourists are about the same. The only difference is that, as a rule, a different amount is required in the account as a guarantee. After obtaining a Schengen visa to any of these countries, you can move freely throughout the Schengen area and, accordingly, visit states that restrict the issuance of visas.

At the same time, travelers traveling to the countries listed below should consider the following points:

  • Bulgaria and Norwayvisa processing times have been extended.
  • Malta only accepts documents from family members of EU citizens.
  • You can fly to Cyprus only by Schengen or national visa, although in the past it was possible to quickly issue an electronic provision.

In the current situation, it is very important to keep two points in mind. Firstly, this is the entry rule. It is necessary to enter the countries of the Schengen area through the country issuing the visa. Secondly, take into account the rule of the main country: most of the time tourists should spend in the country whose embassy approved the visa. Although these rules are more traditional than mandatory, in the current situation it is better to keep them in mind.

Earlier, Turprom wrote about the launch of a flight program to a visa-free country for Russians. For details, read the article “Direct flights to the popular Mediterranean country have been opened for Russian tourists.”

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