The Schengen zone will be fenced off from the rest of the world with a steel wall

The Schengen zone will fence itself off from the rest of the world with a steel wall

The European “garden” of the Schengen zone plans to fence itself off from the rest of the world with a steel wall – at least to knock out additional funding for this. This information was provided by the publication schengenvisainfo, which reported that a group of countries again turned to the European Commission demanding “to allocate more funds to the border walls”, which caused an ongoing debate in the European Union.

This group of countries includes Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway – they issued a joint statement calling on the EU to fund physical infrastructure for these countries with non-EU members – as it is easy to understand, this is Ukraine, as well as Russia and Belarus, “including physical barriers such as walls.” The truth in the European Commission is still the subject of controversy “the effectiveness and ethics of physical barriers.”

The topic was raised back in 2021 when twelve member states sent a letter to the European Commission stating that physical barriers were an effective measure to better protect borders for the EU. The steel walls there were called “effective means of protection” and called on the EU leadership to find funds for them.

In fact, the walls are already being built, the publication adds. Over the past eight years, Member States have built over 1,700 kilometers of walls to stop illegal border crossings by migrants and refugees. The European Commission also expressed its willingness to fund border protection measures such as surveillance, sensors, vehicles and buildings, and not just physical walls. However, these eight states demonstrate the conviction that the physical infrastructure of border protection, including physical barriers, should be financed from EU funds. Let's add to this a little curious fact – the walls continue inside the EU – for example, in Lithuania there is a wall on the border with Poland.

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