The stewardess named 5 types of passengers she hates

The stewardess named 5 types of passengers she hatesshe worked for the 20 largest international carriers, which served about 300-400 passengers a day three or four times a week. So five types are distinguished on the basis of serious experience:

  1. The first type is tourists who insistently demand alcohol, and, if they don’t get it, they begin to scandal and be rude. “Passengers flying in economy class get angry because I can’t give them a “triple shot” of rum because we are in the air and we have limited supplies, and then they get angry and curse me,” they complain.
  2. The second type is the “selfish” passengers who have taken seats at the emergency exits. Not only do they have to be persuaded to stow their luggage and not block the exit, they also “stretch their legs and put their feet on the emergency door handle during the flight”, claiming that they have little legroom.
  3. The third type is rowdy and other petty thugs. “Passengers who arrange fights and scandals among themselves for a variety of reasons. And also those who arrange petty thefts in toilets, “says the expert.
  4. The fourth type is passengers who ignore the “fasten seat belts” sign. According to her, they are dangerous not only for themselves, but also for the surrounding passengers. “One of these got up in the aisle during turbulence, and I saw how he fell on another passenger. This passenger was a pregnant woman and she had to go to the hospital after landing,” said the flight attendant.
  5. And the fifth type is passengers who are not ready to respect the personal space of flight attendants. “Those who come to our galley and get stuck there, doing yoga or just hanging out like it’s some kind of private jet,” she explained.

The juicy detail is “for frame” there were other problems. In particular, she mentioned the passenger “who grabbed my butt during landing” and the pilots “who molested me to have sex”, although they were definitely married.

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