The stewardess revealed the secret of how to visit the toilet without a queue

A stewardess revealed the secret of how to skip the line to the toilet

A good time to use the toilet on an airplane is immediately after the airliner climbs, and also during the distribution of drinks. However, a rather dark secret about the toilets on the plane, because of which tourists may be embarrassed to use them next time, flight attendant Erica Roth revealed to Buzzfeed. According to her, the crew members know what exactly this or that tourist is doing in the toilet.

During a long flight, tourists will not be able to avoid several trips to the toilet. Here is what the flight attendant said: “The toilets are next to where we sit. No matter how hard you try to hide the fact that you have a bowel movement, we can hear it in the noise. It's different, so we always know what's going on in the booth.”

Sensitive passengers may assume that it is safe to use the toilet while the crew is busy serving tourists, but, alas, there is not enough time to use the toilet without supervision by all tourists worried about physiological needs. According to the flight attendant, there are two points on the flight that provide the best time to fly. With the right time, a passenger can have up to ten minutes of peace and quiet to go to the toilet and do their business in the booth without the risk of being overheard.

So, the ideal time is as soon as the seat belt signs turn off, because most people won't need a toilet yet. The next best moment comes only at the beginning of the drinks service. This is due to the fact that most tourists are so eager to get free drinks that they are more likely to cross their legs and wait a little longer, rather than skip the due glass of juice or soda.

What else bothers tourists is it's a matter of whether the air-toilet sucks in, as some people fear. The vacuum in an airliner's lavatory only works when the drain pipe is opened, and lavatories are designed to prevent this from happening.

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