The terrible death of tourists in Egypt: a child died after poisoning in a hotel, his father is in intensive care

A terrible death of tourists in Egypt: a child died after poisoning in a hotel, his father is in intensive care

Holidays in a hotel on the Red Sea turned into a tragedy for a family who came on vacation from Italy. A six-year-old boy who was vacationing with his father and pregnant mother died tragically after severe food poisoning in Sharm el-Sheikh, a favorite Egyptian resort for Italians. His father is currently in intensive care.

The 46-year-old tourist and his pregnant wife were vacationing with their six-year-old son in the beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. While on vacation, the child contracted a stomach infection that made him constantly sick, according to the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

The publication published a commentary by the brother of the tourist, according to which it turned out that the boy and his father had a hard time tolerating the symptoms of the disease, while his mother had milder symptoms. “They were constantly throwing up. They left on 26 June and were to stay in Egypt for two weeks. They had been planning this vacation for several months,” he said.

In addition, the interlocutor said that the brother-in-law initially thought that the cause of the disease was water from the pool, which he accidentally swallowed. As the condition worsened, the family went to the doctor. They were prescribed pills to treat food poisoning, the tourists “returned to the room, but they continued to vomit.” By Saturday morning, the symptoms had not disappeared, so the victims called an ambulance. However, it was already too late.

For an hour, the doctors performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation of the baby, their actions were unsuccessful. According to the interlocutor, the father of the deceased boy was hospitalized with “symptoms of the onset of renal failure” and is now in intensive care. “We have no definite information about the condition of my brother-in-law. They took out insurance and asked to charter a private flight, but they need medical reports from the hospital, which are not delivered to them,” he added.

Officials have already reported on the boy's autopsy, but it will take months to understand the cause of his death, the publication noted. “We don’t see a way out of this nightmare, we want to go through our pain together at home in Italy, but we don’t know how to do it. My brother-in-law has problems with his kidneys and heart, he cannot stand up… We want to bring everyone home, someone help us,” the Italian pleaded.

Egypt's famous beach resorts have been the scene of several tragedies in recent weeks. So, last week, a tourist died after losing an arm and a leg in a horrific shark attack. A 68-year-old Austrian woman died in an ambulance from “shock” after a horror that happened to her in the Red Sea.

The chilling footage shows her bleeding as she frantically tried to swim back to shore after being attacked by a shark and biting off the woman's arm and leg. The video was filmed by Russian tourists who complained about the lack of lifeguards. A large crowd watched the drama, but no one dared to go into the water.

Recall that at the end of October 2021, mass poisoning was recorded at the AMC Royal hotel in Hurghada: 40 Russian tourists, most of whom children were poisoned and were hospitalized. The affected tourists had nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and high fever. The poisoned tourists were taken to hospitals.

At the same time, the most high-profile incident with the poisoning of tourists in Hurghada was the death of a married couple in August 2018, because of which the British tour operator Thomas Cook was even forced to evacuate more than 300 of its tourists from the five-star Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel in Hurghada. The death of these two British tourists in this hotel was extremely strange, and so far its reasons have not been named: on August 21, Susan Cooper (63 years old) and her husband, 69-year-old John Cooper, died in their room. Daughter Kelly Ormerod, who was with them on the trip, fell ill but survived. The tourist is still trying to find out what caused the death of her parents – but the case has not been solved. For details, read the article “Mysterious death in a Hurghada hotel: daughter does not give up in search of the cause of death of her parents.”

There was another victim of predators – a foreign tourist who came to the hotel on a package tour. For details, read the article “Tourists are scared, but they swim: 4 reasons for shark attacks in Hurghada named.”

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